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Experience Change with OhanaMind

Mental health support for every family! 


What is OhanaMind?

"Ohana" means family. It is at the core of how we view the world and try to help out.


We started OhanaMind when we saw, time and time again, parents struggling and having few places to turn for support on small and big mental health questions.

We hope that OhanaMind contributes to turning your corner where more families have access to the help they need when they need it.

How does it work?

We are certified Behavior Consultants. 

Our daily lives revolve around mental health matters with families and individuals across the UK. 

We take all our insights, tools and resources and deliver them to you on the OhanaMind platform.

What you will find here are practical tools, online courses, live Q&As, podcasts, blogs and vlogs on mental health.

“The longest journey

is the journey within”

Dag Hammerskjold

Latest blog posts on Mental Health

It can be hugely overwhelming juggling work, family, and personal life


We get it

Being a mum or a dad, juggling all that and somehow also finding a path to 

understanding and tending to the mental wellbeing of your entire family


It is not an easy task!

If you are struggling to plan new strategies, goals,

and balance family time all at once

Ask yourself this..


​Are you really making effective progress?

If this all sounds familiar, then becoming an OhanaMind is for you​.


Sometimes, you simply just don’t know where to start.


And that’s where we come in to get you heading on the path to success!

Why become a member?


Someone dedicated to answer all your questions on mental health matters with unbiased advice and guidance


On-demand structured tools and resources to help you navigate your unique situation and

need for support 


A community of families and vulnerable individuals helping each other shaping

positive outcomes 

What is included in a membership?

Live Q&A workshops

A monthly online session with members of the OhanaMind team, who offer support and guidance in real-time

Structured resources

We continually keep an updated library of tools and plans to help you navigate and cope with your

specific  situation 

Ideas and strategies

You will have exclusive access to OhanaMind podcasts, blogs and vlogs on important aspects of mental health 

CPD training

+150 discounted certificate courses for structured learning in mental health topics or for personal growth


A forum of members engaging each other in positive outcomes, where you can choose to listen or participate

Bespoke challenges

Getting you involved and progressing with exciting and fun workbooks, guides and printables exercises


Upcoming Live Q&A Workshops

We understand the importance of getting the answer to your questions without endlessly scrolling through search engines finding the wrong answers. This is the reason we do live Q&A you you can get first hand knowledge and impartial advice.



Thank you so much!

“Thank you so much, for your time and dedication.

Your consultants were knowledgeable, friendly and

really listened to our family’s thoughts and feelings.”



—  Charlotte and Family

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