🌿✨ Partnership - OhanaMind has proudly partnered up with popular Hertfordshire local family guide Little Ankle Biters Herts in a bid to raise awareness of the free support we can offer families across Hertfordshire, and the UK, during the lock down.


When OhanaMind founder Michaela and Little Ankle Biters Editor Penny caught up, they discussed everything from the evolution of OhanaMind to Michaela's own personal history with mental health support.


“I have suffered from Mental Health in the form of Social Anxiety for most of my life. I lived on the streets for many years and, at some point, explored the dangerous realms of suicide. Thankfully, I moved to London and started on an incredible journey to give back to the community. I had seen first-hand how poor Mental Health can affect you. I enrolled myself back into education and worked hard towards achieving that dream. A decade later, I am finally able to share OhanaMind with the world. Hoping that OM can provide that glimmer of hope in a pool of darkness and the support network for individuals everywhere to look after their mind.”

- Michaela Johnson

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