🌿Back to school – again.

Yesterday saw the full reopening of all schools with a staggered return for some secondary pupils. The day brought with it a lot of mixed emotions: children excited and anxious to be going back to school, seeing their friends and their teachers and parents/carers elated that homeschooling is finally behind them but feeling a little bittersweet about the change and letting our children go again.

Very few things will replace that feeling on completion of that final remote learning live lesson or worksheet, it was something that the majority of us adults have been waiting for since December. Homeschooling was quite something, the juggle was undeniable and the whole experience was, at times, exhausting. On reflection, it seems to have flown by and our home bubbles have now burst to allow for class and year bubbles now they are back in school.

Time to ourselves; that precious gift of time, a quiet house, and control of the TV remote have returned and yet, it’s a bittersweet feeling for most. Slower mornings, no school runs, and time together has been replaced by earlier morning alarms, a little rushing, and 2 lots of school run a day as we all prepare to return to some form of “normality” or familiar week-day routines.

This is another period of adjustment for us as adults and our children, whatever their age. We have all become used to being in our houses and our bubbles and now we are reintegrating with the wider community as worlds begin to reopen.

Listen to each other: It is OK to say that you are not feeling OK about the change. This will bring some comfort to those around you who feel that they might be the only ones not feeling like celebrating. There is still a long way to go in terms of restrictions being lifted but this is the light at the end of the tunnel and it is slowly appearing.

Talk to each other: Allow those close to you to share how they are feeling and acknowledge that these are real emotions or concerns. You might find that someone else is able to articulate how you are feeling better than you thought you would be.

Enjoy the now: Hang on to those moments when you are all able to just be together. No homeschooling, no juggling with work or feelings of guilt when you just feel like you need space. Take the time to enjoy these uninterrupted moments with your family.

Allow yourself patience: This is another adjustment that we have to get used to and make space for in our lives. It is going to take time to adjust and to feel comfortable with the changes again. Until then, allow yourself this time to adjust and try not to compare yourself with those around you.

We have all done this once before and we will all do this again together. 🌿

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