Half term is here

Lockdown half term is fast approaching, is anyone else shuddering a little at this prospect?

Whilst most of us are welcoming the prospect of time away from the life lessons or reduced school attendance, the reality of having a week of no school whilst still trying to work or “adult” can be quite daunting. This half term can always be a little tricky as the weather is unpredictable but this one, in particular, is in the midst of another lockdown where options for entertainment are more limited than usual.

There can be such a focus on being busy and filling your half term week with activities but it is important to be kind to yourselves and allow your children to practise a little self-care too. This half term might bring the opportunity to breathe out and stop for an hour or two. Take yourself out for a walk, listen to your favourite song or spend time doing something that brings a smile to your face. These same rules can apply to your children too, they learn by watching us; kindness starts with being kind to ourselves.

To help you and your children through this half term here is a grid of activities that have been created to provide you with opportunities to promote positive interactions between you and your family with a focus on well-being. From blowing bubbles to exercising with Marcus Rashford, there is hopefully a little something for everyone leaving the television and games consoles patiently waiting rather than being the centre of attention.


Tissue box monsters/pets

50 Fun Activities for Kids - 50 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained (goodhousekeeping.com)

Draw a picture to make or write a letter to someone to make them smile - think about who the picture is for, is there something that makes them smile?

Make your own bubble mixture

How to make bubble mixture - BBC Good Food

Use this as breathing technique practise. Slow breaths in through the nose and then slow breaths out through the mouth to help form the bubbles.

Write instructions on how to make a sandwich. Using the instructions, can you make a sandwich for everyone in your house?


Top 10 easy bakes for kids - BBC Good Food

Create a "things to look forward to" jar or box and have a think about what activities you would like to do when the world is safer.

Flight school:

Create a target for your paper aeroplanes

50 Fun Activities for Kids - 50 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained (goodhousekeeping.com)

Make your own playdough:

Playdough recipe - BBC Good Food


Describe ways to be kind: Listen to "kindness sits beyond" 6mins 12 secs into the reading

Think about how you feel when someone does something kind for you. What can you do to be kind? Choose a way to be kind and write and illustrate this in the style of the book.

Design a board game or a game to play with your family. Can you write the instructions?

Movement and exercise

bbc super movers ks1 - YouTube

Cosmic Kids yoga - YouTube

PE With Joe 2021 | Monday 1st Feb - YouTube

BBC iPlayer - Celebrity Supply Teacher - Series 1: 3. Marcus Rashford - PE

Make a mindfulness glitter jar:

Glitter jars: How to make your own calm down jar or bottle (goodto.com)

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