Supporting families in nurturing the mental health of those we love the most. 



Here at OhanaMind, we understand the importance of caring for and protecting the mental health and wellbeing of those who need it. Our specialist team of consultants have curated a membership which offers a wealth of tangible resources, tools and unbiased support all at your disposal with just the click of a button. 


In support of all those who may need help during these extraordinary times, OhanaMind is giving away free membership for two months - we can combat the challenges you may meet together. Because 'Ohana' means family.  


Start your free two-month membership today.

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What if we could make it a little bit easier?


What is OhanaMind?

"Ohana" means family, and it is at the very core of how we view the world and why we are helping others.

​​​​​​We started OhanaMind, and it's community when we saw, time and time again, parents struggling and having few places to turn to for support on small and big mental health questions.

We hope that OhanaMind contributes to a cornerstone where more families have access to the help they need when they need it.

Where to go from here?..

Are you as (or almost) as excited as us? 


We are far past talking about and promoting mental health 'awareness'; we need to make tools, resources, and a community built on mindfulness more available.

If your school has not yet teamed up with OhanaMind, get in touch with us her for tools we send in our newsletter and share with our followers.

Thank you for your interest - you will hear from us soon!

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